Saw Kim Woo Bin for the first time in person~! Finally! 

I saw on twitter that he was gonna be in Busan for the premiere of Friends 2. Then, I saw where tickets were on sale or being given away in events….of course everything was sold out by today when I realized this was happening.

Anyway, I was able to chorale my friends to go with me….if we couldn’t see his intro during the movie, hopefully we could see him in passing in the lobby. Lucky for us, the first meeting was arranged to be in the lobby.

Not as many people as we expected… which is why we were able to get so close. <3 My heart skipped when he stepped out, all dressed in black and backwards cap. ^^So handsomely casual. The first meeting lasted maybe 5 minutes ㅜㅜ 

But here comes the twist! 

Somehow, I lost my purse….I think it broke off the chain in the crowd when they surged closer to Woo Bin. So instead of leaving right away, we search around and thank God I found it. But right as I did, this man came to us (kind of suspicious I know) asking if we wanted to watch the movie….he had 3 tickets he got from his friend, the director, and he wasn’t going to watch because his other 2 friends didn’t show up.

After making sure they were legit, we gratefully accepted the tickets and watched the movie and was able to see Woo Bin, the director, and several other actors introduce the movie.

The movie was interesting….my Korean isn’t too advanced, so admittedly I probably missed some key dialogue. Oh well!! Woo Bin is really good at acting like the bad guy and being emotional. I want to see more <3

This night was an adventure to say the least! 

Lee Jong Suk, you are next on my list. ^__^

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